061. Big Pineapples & Alligator Pooms

This week, Kim gets nominated for an award and learns a survival tip and Isa rants about boys but praises Montreal.

We talk about Nail trends  https://thewhisp.mommyish.com/beauty/weird-nail-art-trends-2018-nail-designs/1/ and Shaving your girly faces.

We are drinking

Keep Calm and Laugh : http://futailles.com/en/products/wine/white/keep-calm-laugh and rated it 3.25/5

In the news

Hungry And Horny Alligators Are Invading Streets, Homes And Pools In Florida https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/hungry-horny-alligators-florida_n_5cb3dfd8e4b0ffefe3b2432a and Man sues parents for destroying his huge porn collection https://news.sky.com/story/man-sues-parents-for-destroying-his-huge-pornography-collection-11694532

060. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This week, Isa spends too much money on the wrong thing and Kim pees herself.

We keep talking about two things that are real trends.
Kim explains what the hell happened when people were eating TIDE PODS
Isa talks about this extreme trend of Tiny Cooking
here’s a video Isa was talking about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PlKsBBvqPA

We are drinking Wallaroo Trail Bin 616 – Rosé http://www.vinsenepicerie.com/en/wallaroo-trail-bin-616/ and we rated it 4.25/5.. It was better than the white.

In the news

Woman, Whose Ex Bit Off Her Lip, Shares Emotional Facebook Post After He Is Sentenced to Prison https://people.com/crime/woman-ex-bit-off-lip-speaks-out-facebook-post/

059. Lettuces don’t scream at night

This week Kim preps dinner with living Lettuces and Isa plays trivia and loses.

We talk about How kids are learning their dance moves from Fortnite.

We were drinking Wallaroo Trail Chardonnay Wine https://www.iga.net/en/product/white-wineaustralia/00000_000000005604901777 we rated it 4/5 It was good.

In the news

We talk about the #floridachallenge and Garfield phones have washed up on French shores for decades — now we know where they came from – https://globalnews.ca/news/5111356/garfield-phone-mystery-france/


058. Open my mouth ; Keep it tight

This week, is a older episode (3 weeks old)… Which we didn’t have time to edit sooner. Kim bakes Cakes and Isa has another dream.

We are drinking Giacondi Sangiovesi 1L Red wine https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/red-wine/giacondi-sangiovese/443036 We rated it 4.25/5 It’s pretty good

We discuss the Buzzfeed article Suck it or Bite it https://www.buzzfeed.com/michellerennex/eh-he-heh-suck

In the news

Clit-me : closing the “orgasm gap” Mobile interactive game by NFB/UQAM interactive school Jeunes pousses launching March 4. nfb.ca/clitme https://www.canada.ca/en/national-film-board/news/2019/03/clit-me–closing-the-orgasm-gap-mobile-interactive-game-by-nfbuqam-interactive-school-jeunes-pousses-launching-march-4-nfbcaclitme.html

Happy play time : https://www.bustle.com/articles/25043-happy-playtime-app-will-help-you-masturbate-as-if-youre-not-already-a-pro


057. St. Easy off the vagina

This week, we are back after two week to talk about how the kids talk these days.

We are drinking Domaine Labranche – MAPLE WINE  https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/aperitif-wine/domaine-labranche/12981643?selectedIndex=5&searchContextId=-10022211374817 We rated it 3.5/5

in the news

Woman gets shot after performing sex act for 5$ and Pringles https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/woman-performs-sex-act-for-5-pringles-gets-shot-for-refusing-to-give-refund-4UVp0eFfRUGb-zF0hFQ2Og/


056. Stuffed the ham in a Rolls-Royce

This week, Karp (from All Beer Inside) joins us to play the Duck tape Game.

We drank an amazing sweet wine Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/white-wine/jacobs-creek-double-barrel-chardonnay/13864246 and rated it 4.25/5 (it was very good)

In the news

‘Pawternity’ leave: How to make the most of the first week with your new puppy https://www.journal-news.com/news/national/brewery-offers-pawternity-leave-for-employees-with-new-dogs/v7e2jnpbNJtnO0pdvqh21I/


055. Talk to us as Reds & Greens

This week Kim and I do stupid internet quizzes and discuss the results.

We drank Svelte 80 calorie ROSÉ wine. http://www.vinsenepicerie.com/en/svelte-80-calories/ and gave it a 3.75/5 .. it was alright. Pretty good.

In the news

was unfortunately FAKE NEWS but still fun. https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-arrested-for-training-squirrels-to-attack-her-ex-boyfriend/


054. Would you like a spanking

In this episode, PERU joins us in a discussion about Valentine’s day. We find “awesome” gifts for your partners. Isa feels so strongly about these gifts that she felt that it would be important to deliver the episode early… in case you want to shop.

We drank C’est la Vie Syrah Rosé, 750 ml  https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/rose/cest-la-vie-syrah/11073918 and rated it :: 2.9/5

Here are some websites about the gifts : https://www.firebox.com/valentine’s-day-gifts/, https://invisibleboyfriend.com/faq, https://www.brit.co/strange-v-day-gifts/ and https://dodoburd.com/funny-valentines-day-gifts


Valentine’s Day stunner: Handsome monkey gets lonely hearts column ahead of holiday https://www.foxnews.com/science/valentines-day-stunner-handsome-monkey-gets-lonely-hearts-column-ahead-of-holiday


053. My nose hurtzza

This week, Brazil (our friend) joins us to talk about the differences between single and married women. We also talk about Shitting on mountains, peeing on our feet and coming up with font names.

We were drinking the Bù House Wines – the Red (3.5/5) and the White (2.75/5)

In the news

Andy Murray Regrets That You Saw Through His Dick https://deadspin.com/andy-murray-regrets-that-you-saw-through-his-dick-1832228757

052. Voo Poop You

This week, @philiptam from ABI joins us  to talk about Products that people used to use in the past.

We are drinking Les vins Harmonies https://www.francoischartier.ca/les-vins-harmonies/le-grand-touski/ and gave it a 4.25/5 . Even Phil gave it a 4/5 and he does NOT like wine. Honestly Isa says it’s just water.

Follow us along while you are listening because the photos are pretty amazing. http://www.emlii.com/4a8074d0/42-Weird-And-Hilarious-Products-That-People-Actually-Used-In-The-Past

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