About the girls

Who is behind the mic every week?

The kind-of-host. Isabella


Sometimes qualified as mentally unstable by her guy friends but… in a cool way? Probably only because she hates everything (or everyone) that is considered “trendy”. Other dislikes also include Airplanes, live fish, melted ice cream, make-up or all girly things, and commitment.She’s pretty cool to hang out regardless. Just ease her in with a few beers and a healthy debate. Can she interest you in a sarcastic comment?

Sitting in the front. Roxane


The question you’ll often have to ask Roxane is: “Did you check for mites?”.
She tends to pick up rotten things on the side of the road because they look “vintage” and they have a “story”. Other than that, it’s pretty much a boozy, rock n’ roll afternoon stamped with red lipstick. Oh and chicken. She’s obsessed with chickens.

Sitting on the side. Kim


Mom of 2 who has an unhealthy obsession with true crime and murder mysteries. She specializes in embarrassing herself whether it’s by falling for no reason or saying awkward things at inappropriate times… otherwise, she speaks so fast that she doesn’t even finish her sentences. Blame the wine. Oh, and don’t pull on her ears.. she says they will fall off.