AWA Dictionary

Have a little trouble understanding our full episodes ? Fear not. We have your solution to following our drunken slurs with this helpful AWA DICTIONARY.

Amomynous : Someone trying to be anonymous but that is just too goddamn clumsy
 : Our homeland
Chorgrapher : A choreographer that has no time for that many vowels.
Diarrhella : When you shit to impress your fella 
Fresh fries : Meaning French fries… but maybe fresher. but also maybe not. “at 3am, my fave meal is fresh fries in bed”
Goody goody two pants :
when you extra good.
Orator (French meaning : Orateur) : Person who speaks words in front of others. Otherwise known as Speaker.
Other than wise :
Probably how the wise use to say otherwise.
Touchy-Touchy : Meaning something that is emotional, touching. “This movie was touchy-touchy”
Tella Tella : Teleportation for people who can’t be bothered with full words
The hand blanket : a blanket knitted using hands  and arms instead of needles, not a blanket for your hands.
There m selves : themselves, but over there
Vààààààgina : a new dialect, but still the word Vagina