012. We go deep… in thought [RE-WINE]

Episode 12 is a RE-WINE. What’s a Re-Wine? Well, this week has been pretty hectic for all of us here so we didn’t have time to meet and record a new episode. However, we have a database of 30 episodes from our old all wine aside shows that are just sitting in our computer. So we present you our easter episode from 2 YEARS AGO. Keep in mind that the stories in this episode are NO LONGER RELEVANT.

A few things about our lives 2 years ago : 
– Rox was going on a FIRST DATE with Portugal – She is now moving in with him. She was also thinking about moving to Scotland in the upcoming months.
– Kim was preggers with her second kid thus was NOT drinking.
– Isa was still single. No chance there. At this point, she hadn’t really spoken to her sister in over 2 years.

WE WERE DRINKING (even though we forgot to mention it) Les Jamelles Sauvignon Blanc & Gray Fox Chardonnay


*Real hidden treasure

Topic of week: We ask each other “Deep Questions”:

*Do you have a family member in jail?
*Are you a hero or a villain?
*If you could come back as a man, would you?
*You have 1 million dollars and 1 week to spend it. What would you do?
*What’s your spirit animal?
*What food could you NEVER live without?
*You have 30 seconds to give the world a message. What would it be?
*If you could go back in time and say something to one person. Who/what it be?

Enjoy this Re-wine. Back next friday with a fresh episode!


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