025. [REWINE] At least you finished

With Rox’s big move, we decided to make this week’s episode a REWINE – back to 2014 – this is episode 3. As mentioned last week, I’m going to start posting the REWINE episodes in a row so that, if ever you feel like it, you can listen to them all in a row and the timeline will make sense.

A little context to the episode for the girls :

Isa and Rox are still single
Isa isn’t a vegetarian yet
Kim is forever with her man (not yet preggers of her second kid)
This timeline is around end of November.


What we talk about :

  • Angela is Rox’s friend but last episode we also called Rox’s computer, Angela.
  • 24 h Tremblant fundraiser happens every year : http://www.24htremblant.com/fondation
  • Rox almost dies by cab
  • Isa tries acupuncture for the first time and almost lives through a real-life porn
  • Then, we get into a weird stalking-mode
  • Kim talks about Poker and chocolate and how a girl tried to say that she knew her boyfriend
  • The topic of the week is : WHY DO NICE GUYS FINISH LAST


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