027. My name says a lot

In this week’s episode, Kim comes back from vacation, Isa has a lot of coincidences happen to her and Roxane’s building goes up in flames?

We read a baby name website to see if our names are connected to our personalities and we have a lots of opinions on various subjects. The website is http://first-names-meanings.com

Calculate your NAME number and your path number and follow along with if you have a name number of 5 (rox and kim)  or 7 (isa) and if you have a path number of 7 (kim), 1 (isa) or 8 (rox)

We are drinking THE WOLF TRAP rosé from the SAQ – 3.25/5


Man With World’s Longest Fingernails Finally Cuts Them After 66 Years https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/shridhar-chillal-longest-fingernails-cuts_us_5b468887e4b0bc69a7839f77

What did we try that was new

Isa goes to Reiki
Kim goes to Chocolat Favori
Rox goes to powWOW 

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